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Dancer | Burlesque performer | Bellydance | Tribal Fusion | Fire show | Fire swallower  |Dance lessons | Modeling | Art performance 

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Tel: 00420 606 122 251

Yazz is a proffesional dancer and choreographer from Czech Republic now based in France.

Was solo dancer in Prague Burlesque show from 2018-2019 season.

From 2013 - 2019 she was Co-organizer of international music project Electro Swing River.

Yazz is the winning of Tribal solo performer 2011th in the International Competition in Berlin, Tanzakademie Cifuentes.
She was part of the Circus Berlin show Charlie Chaplin Dream directed by legendary Horacio Cifuentes where she performed as Fatima.

Yazz was selected as a cast for famous Bellydance Evolution tour Alice In Wonderland for Prague - Czech Republic and Maribor - Slovenia.

She has so far performed at many international events: in London, Berlin, Paris, Eindhoven, Budapest, Helsinki, Bratislava, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Vienna, Karkow, Maribor, Milano, Viareggio, Split,  Liepzig, Hannover, Salzburg and many cities in Czech Republic.   Liepzig, Hannover, Salzburg and many cities in Czech Republic. 

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